you must be fucking thick, because the 2012 Tundra that towed the shuttle is going to replace the aged Tundra on display in front of the California Science Center on the Leverage scale in the parking lot, near that A-12 trainer. » 10/28/13 4:57pm 10/28/13 4:57pm

sigh... as the Volvo fan, I have to agree with you. I currently own a V70R (1999 model, I'm OG)

It is LUDICROUSLY expensive. I'm looking at possibly getting a settlement soon so new cars are on my radar, and it was hugely offensive how much an AWD V60 would cost me.

For $36k I can have a turbocharged AWD Ford Fusion… » 9/13/13 6:37pm 9/13/13 6:37pm

Don't forget that the Mustang II's front end underpins most Chevrolet muscle cars that've been modified... oh and can't forget the Ford 9" rear that all the Chevys have nestled in their Moser assemblies. » 9/13/13 5:16pm 9/13/13 5:16pm

I can't find it on YouTube, but there's a Honda commercial with the "Helpful Honda Guy" at the dealership with a black couple, and as the black couple's driving away his shirt gets caught in the door- so the poor guy is running alongside the car stuck, trying to get their attention, and the woman says "OKAY WE GET IT… » 8/15/13 7:10pm 8/15/13 7:10pm

I'm really sorry, but this is not the first time I have seen women really screw up "talking about cars". I used to have to totally rewrite the press releases that the PR company wrote because they made no fucking sense to car people.

» 8/15/13 7:03pm 8/15/13 7:03pm

Ah, the Altima coupe. The back end of this car was just sex, as was its side profile. the problem was the nasty normal Altima nose coupled with the fact it looked like it should be RWD when it was FWD.

So, it was pretty from 3 of 4 angles but unfortunately it just couldn't live up to what its body promised. » 7/17/13 12:15pm 7/17/13 12:15pm

Do what you can do to make armor. Like you, I was on a VERY VERY tight shoestring budget. I bought $60 motoX armor and wore it under a thick jacket until I could afford proper gear, always had motoX gloves and just wore thick work boots (above the ankle, this is important according to MSF) with jeans. This is a medium… » 7/16/13 5:06pm 7/16/13 5:06pm